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September 2021
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War in the Northern Woods – Our Killing Spree

By Xiao

It was a war of vengeance on mosquitoes. We had been in Canada for couple of days, the swelling on both of my legs had not gone down yet (2-3 bites on each leg and I had a fully swollen left calf and right ankle, both painful and itchy like crazy at the same time), I was awaken from the buzzing of mosquitoes time after time one night. Half asleep, I switched on the lights, blinded myself first, then tried to keep my eyes in focus to search for the annoying devils. I did manage to kill couple of them during first half of the night, but failed later. So I tried to suffocate myself under the cover for the rest of the evening. Woke up tired and with itchy arm and fingers, it is now personal, and I declared war on the pests!

I thought there were just couple of them left after I silenced 7-8 mosquitoes the previous night, but I was alarmingly wrong. I looked around the bedroom area, found 5 or 6 with belly full of our blood, I was squashing them left and right, leaving a bloody trail to clean up later. Stunned yet relieved, I went to brush my teeth. I heard the familiar buzzing again, yeah, another half dozen were hiding here, half fed, half not. The killing spree went on. Instead of cleaning myself up when I went into the bathroom, I came out bloody handed. Now I was obsessed after realizing the severity of the situation. :p I could not concentrate on anything else. I was constantly eyeing the windows, walls, and ceilings. I would leap out of my chair during a conversation, knocking down everything in my path, which was followed by a loud smack. This motion was laughed at and described later as cat-like. Enlisted help, together we slaughtered about twenty mosquitoes before we continued our journey to Alaska.

Had time to survey our loss, found we each got about half dozen bites the previous night. My arm was fully swollen up all around just like my legs. Not sure how they got in the airstream, I was a bit scared of the ongoing trip. Yes, I was not scared of the grizzlies, not yet anyway, but I was scared of the biting pests. I kept all the windows shut even with the screens. When we stopped for the night, I searched again, and found another half dozen hiding behind the curtains. With great effort, we finished them off, declared the final victory of our two-day war over the swam of mosquitoes of about three dozens.

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