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September 2021
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Lake of Little Fishes

By Xiao

After two major state parks, we moved on into Canada. Decided we should push on for Alaska, we were staying only a day or two in each stop. c took me to the famous Lake Louise on this stop. Maybe I am jaded from all the natural beauty. Yes, it is a pretty little lake, with the mountains, retreating glacier around and the rich typical glacier lake color. But somehow it feels that something is lacking.

Ever since it is first shown to the white man by the Indians, the little lake had a lot of buzz. As almost always, the “lake of little fishes” known by the Indians was named by the first white man as “lake of emerald” due to its color, and later on it was named after princess Louise. With chateau lake louise built for the comfort of visitors, the european appeal from movie shot here, and promotions of the outdoor industry, it is no longer the simple pretty “lake of little fishes”. Like a natural gem, when “discovered”, the polishing and the attempt to make it into a piece of jewelry somehow destroyed its true beauty. The chateau on one side of the lake does not fit into the scene, rather, it broke an edge off the little gem. The well formed bank around the lake made it feel like a swimming pool in the backyard of the hotel. I felt sad for the lake of little fishes, for its backyard charm that people see today, for it is no longer the endearing little lake to the Indians.

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