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September 2021
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China Begins National Mourning for Earthquake Victims (May 19th – 21st)

By Xiao

In memory of 34,073 victims of the massive earthquake that struck exactly a week ago, China has begun three days of national mourning.

In this week, 34,073 Chinese died and 245,108 were injured. In this week, 21,566 were rescued, 34,051 were treated, by Chinese military and police, alone. In this week, Chinese Prime Minister, Jiabao Wen arrived in the disaster area within three hours of the earthquake. In this week, first rescuing group arrived in the earthquake center after marching 90 km by foot, non-stop. In this week, 4,500 copies of wills were left by the soldiers before they were parachuted into the mountainous, high wind hot zone. In this week, more than 20,000 military personals arrived in the disaster area within 24 hours for the rescuing effort. In this week, many soldiers carried food and water into the area on their back, many soldiers gave away their own food and water to the local people. In this week, many soldiers immediately started rescuing effort right after arriving in the hot zone without any rest. In this week, many soldiers were digging in the debris with their bare hands hour after hour, day after day. In this week, more than 200 transportation personals died in a mud slide trying to maintain the “life line” into disaster area. In this week, the nation wide donation totaled 10.834 billion Yuan, including 105 Yuan from a homeless old man. In this week, volunteers were in line donating blood nation wide, Beijing blood bank was filled in one day. In this week, teachers left their own children to die in order to save the students. In this week, the police survivors put their sorrow away to assist in the rescuing effort. In this week, the survivors remained calm with self rescuing and rescuing others. In this week, the strength of character, the strength of a nation rises above disaster, through individual after individual.

In this week, we mourn, we rescue, we unite, we rebuild.

Donation organizations for earthquake relief:

Overseas Save the Chinese Children Foundation (OSCCF)


Hong Kong Red Cross

(US Red Cross has a big overhead and Chinese Red Cross does not have an good interface for donation.)