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June 2021
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Home on Wheels with No Comprise – Haier HLP21E

By Xiao

Have been on the road for almost a month now, we are still learning. From time to time, I still find myself getting suprised by out little home. Well, this is the first home we own, not just the shell, but also the appliances and furnitures. Washing machine was the only thing that was missing. As our belief of diving into this life style is not to sacrifice the quality of our lives, we started our search for a portable washing machine the first week we moved in.

After comparing spec.s, reading reviews, we decided on the little Haier HLP21E washing machine. It is compact with a dimension of 29 29/32″ (h) x 17 19/32″ (w) x 17 1/4″ (d) ; it is portable as it can be hooked up easily to the kitchen sink; it is practical with a 6.6 lb capacity. We found a good deal online and actually drove to the warehouse in New Jersey to pick it up.

It is amazing that the small machine could handle all the stuff we throw at it, jeans, bath towels, sheets, sweaters. The spin cycle was great, all items come out not dripping at all. We could just hang them right up, and soon enough we can enjoy clean clothes with fresh smell of mountain air.

The little Haier runs quiet compare to the normal size washing machine we had. Couple of concerns we had from some user reviews, such as sensitivity to leveling, control of water intake, are proven not to be a problem. The mishap we had was some leakage after about a dozen loads. Being the scientists we are, we fixed it ourselves by putting on a tighter hose clamp. The only thing we wish it had was a heater unit. You need to adjust the intake tap water temperature for this machine if you want to wash the clothes warm. But hey, we have no need to go to laundry mat and it fits into our home and life style pretty well. We have no complaint about the newest member of our home on wheels with no comprise. – Haier HLP21E.

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