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September 2021
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End Of An Era – What We Do In The Name Of Love

By Xiao

Yesterday was the last day we made a trip back to where we lived for the past year. Just when we moved out, the up-coming small town started to tear down a bridge which connected us to the town center. Now it is half gone. I have to say it was an impressive sight, seeing the two-story tall bridge being destroyed. But it was also sad considering we traveled across it daily. I learned that after another 17.5 million dollars and two years, the 84-year-old bridge will be replaced by a new one which will bring the small town to its glory, hopefully. But we won’t be here. This is the end of an era for the town and also for us as we embark on our journey of the modern nomads.

I have to say, after couple of weeks on our journey, strangely, it feels both foreign and familiar to me, whether it is the travel or the cozy space.

We both traveled a lot back in the days when we were 100% particle physicists. For quite some time, airports felt more like home to me than my old apartment. I remember there was a month when I was paying rent for two apartments due to the overlapping leases, but the whole time I was thousands miles away, staying at a hotel. Sometimes it would get to me, I felt I was just drifting, like a kite with broken string. Now we are on the road again, the difference is that we are always home, we just wake up to different view outside of the window.

Of course, it took quite an effort to downsize to 10% of our previous home and some adjustment to make it a functional home. With 80% of my stuff now in storage, I had to remind myself from time to time what I have with me. The tight corner, the low flow shower, the amount of consideration you had to put into the placement of things, honestly, are frustrating. But we are getting used to it. Partly, it is a learning curve, partly, it brought back childhood memory for me on the things we took for granted nowadays. In some sense, it made a full circle, it felt more like a home to me than any of my apartments ever since I left for college.

This is truly the end of an era, suddenly it hit me. What lies ahead, I am not sure. Some friends asked me why we were doing this, I always gave some random answers, like “why not?” since I did not have a chance to think about it. Even though we looked long and hard for our airstream for about half a year. We packed and moved in a month. Now I finally had time to breathe, I realized that we did it for love, cheesy it may sound, but without the love we have for each other, without the love for nature, travel, and life itself, we could not have made it in the end. It would have remained a dream, a “what if”, if we did not do it in the name of love.

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