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September 2021
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The Ebay Saga

By Xiao

Well, we have been on the road for couple of weeks now, yet the Ebay saga of our decluttering stage follows us still. The returned package, the nonresponding ebayers, the buyer remorse, the penny cruncher… it has been a learning curve.

Never sold anything on Ebay till we tried to downsize from 2,000 square ft townhouse to 200 square ft airstream. Even though it has been mentioned that girls in science and engineering are of the third gender, we are still girls, which means I have too many clothes, shoes, … So I thought it would be a good idea to sell a big portion of brand new possession of mine, yet what a nightmare.

During the moving frenzy, we set up a small photo studio in our living room, I rented a mannequin from, and started to display item after item, take shot after shot, and redo them since the background did not look right, the lighting was not great. It took me 2-3 days to sort out pictures for more than 120 items, and the rest of the week to post them on ebay with accurate descriptions which means measurements for the dimensions, searching through my limited vocabulary for the correct word to identify the shade of certain color, is it peach or apricot? When I looked around me, finding myself and the laptop surrounded by stuff piled to my height, I started to realize I was in over my head. For about two weeks, that was the only thing I did, non-stop posting on Ebay when I needed to concentrate on packing and moving. Not to mention the constant Ebay reminder of how much I owed them already each time I post an item at a tiny fraction of what its worth. I realized how fast I was getting behind both chronically and economically. Stress that I do not need built up.

After another two weeks of digging out the item that potential buyers were interested in, answering all sorts of questions, about 1/4 of my items were sold, most of them at the starting bid. With the moving date approaching, I had to check in and monitor the trickling payments, package the items and go to post office. Of course, the non-paying, non-responding buyers needed polite reminders and people with buyer remorse asked for discount. Finally, a month later, everything was sent to buyers, charity, or the storage, I thought it was over. After paying Ebay and Paypal (one of Ebay companies now) about $100, post office about $300, I took a loss of couple of hundred dollars in the end. It was totally not worth it, the time and stress of a month of our lives, but I was glad it was over, it was an experience I was glad I could finally leave behind.

We moved out, we were starting to adjust to the airstream life style. Then I received a returned package, which I spent couple of more weeks contacting the buyer and going to post office, and it is not over yet, the never ending Ebay saga …

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