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April 2008
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Archive for April, 2008

Rocket Scientist and Airstream

Today our good neighbor Rodger stopped by while he was walking his dog. He offered to check out our non-functioning furnace. The other day, when he invited us over to watch race and cooked us dinner, he learned our airstream is not heated by furnace. He was worried and offered to check it out. We [...]

Blue Grass of a Spring

It was another beautiful day today. When we almost randomly picked the campground, just by the fact it hosts blue grass festival. It is not the season yet, but why not? We climbed up the hill on an one-lane gravel road, it was a sunny day just like this. The camp site is on the [...]

Journey of Life: Objectivity

The past month has been life changing, literally. When we look at people and life, we wonder, we question, and we learn. But our ability to learn is limited by not only our willingness and circumstance, but also our own experience which shaped us and our path that took us here. For me, the recent [...]

End Of An Era – What We Do In The Name Of Love

Yesterday was the last day we made a trip back to where we lived for the past year. Just when we moved out, the up-coming small town started to tear down a bridge which connected us to the town center. Now it is half gone. I have to say it was an impressive sight, seeing [...]

Amish Country and Space Icecream

Our last day in Amish country, when we were sorting out some of our things, we found a packet of space icecream we got during our trip to the space center. Took a break, we sat outside, bathing in the warmth of spring sunshine, we tore apart the package, the dehydrated icecream sandwitched between two [...]

The Ebay Saga

Well, we have been on the road for couple of weeks now, yet the Ebay saga of our decluttering stage follows us still. The returned package, the nonresponding ebayers, the buyer remorse, the penny cruncher… it has been a learning curve.

Reflections on one week of full-timing

Well we have finished our first full week of full timing. To be honest its been going pretty well, though its taken a full week to get to the point that we can actually sit down and do some work and update this blog.