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August 2021
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Archive for 'People'

The Alaskan Connection

When a bunch of fresh leafy rhubarbs and a pile of old Alaska magazines landed on our doorstep. We knew we had another friendly Alaskan encounter. In the beginning, I thought people were being extra nice to us because we were special. Two young PhD physicists from another continent, spending their summer in Alaska in [...]

Badlands Ranch and RV Resort

We found these guys through the Passport America site. The badlands being a national park tends to mean that the campgrounds are a little pricey, but the $14 we paid for this campsite is a bargain. As we are constantly living on the road we have to keep the campground cost down. This means [...]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

There is a place called Strum, WI. Here you can find a pretty little lake: Crystal Lake. The town has a population of 1001. But it also has a golf course. Farmlands around, it is great to get fresh milk, egg, and cheese. The cows and sheep are roaming free on green pasture. The clouds [...]

China Begins National Mourning for Earthquake Victims (May 19th – 21st)

In memory of 34,073 victims of the massive earthquake that struck exactly a week ago, China has begun three days of national mourning.
In this week, 34,073 Chinese died and 245,108 were injured. In this week, 21,566 were rescued, 34,051 were treated, by Chinese military and police, alone. In this week, Chinese Prime Minister, Jiabao Wen [...]

Journey of Life: Human Connection

It has been a week since we said goodbye to our neighbors and set off on our trip west. With old friends, new neighbors around, this stop is unique in its own way. Ever since we went on our journey, the sense of attachment and loss made me wonder. What are the human connections that [...]

Rocket Scientist and Airstream

Today our good neighbor Rodger stopped by while he was walking his dog. He offered to check out our non-functioning furnace. The other day, when he invited us over to watch race and cooked us dinner, he learned our airstream is not heated by furnace. He was worried and offered to check it out. We [...]