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August 2021
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It Is Perfect. Do Not Ever Change.

Sitting across the table from two top executives, hearing one say “Unlike academia, where meeting expectation is lowering yourself to the level of your peers. Here, the standard is consistently high with top notch people”. “It is like pro sports, the average performance is much higher.” The other one added. Are they serious? I looked [...]

End of a Journey

Sitting on the hardwood floor of a downtown posh apartment, it does not feel like home, I have to admit, not because the lack of furniture, I am used to that. Instead, I could not help but thinking of my favorite rock from Alaska, which I fished out of a ice-cold river recommended for gold [...]

Sleepless in Seattle

Sitting alone in our aluminum tube, surrounded by drying laundary, history channel showing a search for the lost ark, I am sleepless. All curtains drawn, it does not matter where I am, Seattle, Washington or Deadhorse, Alaska.

The Alaskan Connection

When a bunch of fresh leafy rhubarbs and a pile of old Alaska magazines landed on our doorstep. We knew we had another friendly Alaskan encounter. In the beginning, I thought people were being extra nice to us because we were special. Two young PhD physicists from another continent, spending their summer in Alaska in [...]

Bear Watching vs People Viewing

The whole summer, we have read and heard bear stories almost every day. We have stopped to let grizzly sow and cub cross the road to graze. We have watched a black bear on a hill slope munching on grass while down below we were stuck in traffic. We have “stalked” a big grizzly on [...]

Journey of Life: Human Connection

It has been a week since we said goodbye to our neighbors and set off on our trip west. With old friends, new neighbors around, this stop is unique in its own way. Ever since we went on our journey, the sense of attachment and loss made me wonder. What are the human connections that [...]

Chicago Chilling

Lived in Chicago area for quite some time before. In fact, Chicago is one of my favorite cities. Yet, I have always felt the chills in this area. Guess memory is selective, I had hoped that this time, it would be different. With the spring, with a home, I would not feel it. But guess [...]

Journey of Life: Objectivity

The past month has been life changing, literally. When we look at people and life, we wonder, we question, and we learn. But our ability to learn is limited by not only our willingness and circumstance, but also our own experience which shaped us and our path that took us here. For me, the recent [...]

End Of An Era – What We Do In The Name Of Love

Yesterday was the last day we made a trip back to where we lived for the past year. Just when we moved out, the up-coming small town started to tear down a bridge which connected us to the town center. Now it is half gone. I have to say it was an impressive sight, seeing [...]