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January 2021
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Chasing the Midnight Sun – Dalton Highway Drive to the Arctic Ocean

As we drive north, we constantly find ourselves losing track of time, not because of the time zones, but because of the longer and longer daytime. When we expect sun to set, it is hard to believe the sun is still shining at midnight. It was great, we thought. When it is dark, you do [...]

We Made It

Well, this is not done by us.

On our journey to Alaska, in some regions, especially the remote ones, this kind of rock art appear from time to time on a slope by the side of road. Mostly, they are names or initials, even couple of ads. Sometimes you will see a heart declaring love. This [...]

War in the Northern Woods – Our Killing Spree

It was a war of vengeance on mosquitoes. We had been in Canada for couple of days, the swelling on both of my legs had not gone down yet (2-3 bites on each leg and I had a fully swollen left calf and right ankle, both painful and itchy like crazy at the same time), [...]

Lake of Little Fishes

After two major state parks, we moved on into Canada. Decided we should push on for Alaska, we were staying only a day or two in each stop. c took me to the famous Lake Louise on this stop. Maybe I am jaded from all the natural beauty. Yes, it is a pretty little lake, [...]

Been There, Done That

Even though we would prefer to think that we are not the average tourists, but more of explorers, traveling across America with our Airstream. The truth is that we are tourists. As we drive along the road, our eyes are drawn to beautiful nature, the bill board signs, the out of ordinaries; when we stop [...]

The St Croix River

One of the reasons we chose this life was to do more outdoor stuff. However, I have found that so much time is taken with arriving and looking around, that by the time you feel like you have the gist of the place its time to move on again. Well, I made a real [...]

Badlands Ranch and RV Resort

We found these guys through the Passport America site. The badlands being a national park tends to mean that the campgrounds are a little pricey, but the $14 we paid for this campsite is a bargain. As we are constantly living on the road we have to keep the campground cost down. This means [...]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

There is a place called Strum, WI. Here you can find a pretty little lake: Crystal Lake. The town has a population of 1001. But it also has a golf course. Farmlands around, it is great to get fresh milk, egg, and cheese. The cows and sheep are roaming free on green pasture. The clouds [...]

Chicago Chilling

Lived in Chicago area for quite some time before. In fact, Chicago is one of my favorite cities. Yet, I have always felt the chills in this area. Guess memory is selective, I had hoped that this time, it would be different. With the spring, with a home, I would not feel it. But guess [...]

You Have Deer Tick in Your Eye! – First Encounter

Did not know of deer ticks till I was warned when I bid farewell to my life as an “indoor cat”. Since then, I heard stories about it, read about it, saw a cyclist’s socks covered with ticks. But I had been lucky, as I hiked in woods, kayaked in streams and rivers, backpacked [...]